Dr. Paula Love’s successful career, combined with her passion for helping others, earned her the title of The Funding Doctor. During the early years of her working life Paula worked with well-respected education technology companies, perfecting the skills, abilities, and knowledge required to mobilize sales and marketing teams around funding – in particular using the Request for Proposals approach (RFPs). Known as the “The Funding Doctor”, Paula is highly sought out for consulting, public speaking, and authoring publications on the topic of RFPs.

“After 46 years of educational funding services, I now have two products that achieve the mission …To be a valued partner and resource in the quest for funding by harnessing the power of technology and proven expertise to efficiently assess opportunities.”

Paula LoveFounder


Expanding access to funding to a national audience

Although Paula had been offering consulting services since 2005, her success was down to one important asset – Dr. Love herself. This was great for public speaking and writing but Paula was determined to find a way to scale her business while maintaining a really high-quality offer—which meant turning her knowledge and expertise into a nationally-accessible service offering, delivering efficient and effective access to funding services.


Paula had two target audiences: Individuals and businesses working in sales and marketing functions within tech firms that seek funding to help their clients buy education solutions, and educators seeking grant funding to support smaller projects.

This innovative concept would track grant funding opportunities and identify current and awarded opportunities, before aligning these to state funding priorities and screening them for relevance. This would replace time-consuming and resource intensive activities previously carried out by tech firms and schools where resources were already thinly stretched.


Companies Need a Faster Way to Find the Money!


Paula contacted several businesses to find a firm who could turn her ideas into reality. Using recommendations from the Small Business Administration and Small Business Technology Centers, Paula met with a number of firms but none were really able to grasp her concept. Costs widely varied and Paula was reluctant to seek the necessary investment funding because of the time demands of the process, so she ultimately decided to bootstrap costs as far as possible. She had all but given up on the dream of providing this tool for education when she met TechLink Solutions.

Our team understood what Paula was trying to achieve and were able to offer her a breadth of services that extended beyond software solutions into contributing to overall growth strategies. We proposed a ‘pay-as-you- go’ model to help Paula get the business up and running. As Paula joked at the time, “I only have money for a bus ticket to Memphis, but I wanted a rocket ship to the moon!”.

We started working together in July 2017 and officially launched two powerful funding platforms in September 2018.

  • Fast, easy-to-start and use, and mobile friendly way to “Show Me the Money,” for both future grants and active grants awarded

  • Quickly conveys complex information with clear, concise explanations

  • Filters results to accurately match products with customer needs

  • KEY FEATURE: Incorporates Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA)

The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) ushered in this twist to school spending by shifting decision making to state and local school districts. Often unclear and undecided on how to use their funds, school decision makers have stalled when it comes to spending. A common reaction to a supplier is “We Love Your Product, But Don’t Have the Money”. This paradigm shift ‘earthquake’ happening in education is having major impact to supplier companies as sales and marketing efforts shift from knowing the federal level priorities to knowing each state’s priorities! Yet sorting state priorities for policy and funding can be incredibly frustrating, especially for salespeople without experience working with these types of resources. The process of knowing each state’s priorities, tracking grant funding, finding current and awarded opportunities, screening for relevancy and alignment, and preparing points with state and local officials becomes tedious, and overwhelming.

TWO AWARD-WINNING APPLICATIONS is an innovative online B2B tool that revolutionizes the funding process, helping businesses to “follow the money” in a focused way, improving operational efficiency while boosting sales and marketing opportunities. is a B2S (Business to schools) solution which helps educators with smaller projects to find grant money, although the two platforms work together because RFPMatch provides grants to educators and community-based leaders through


Award-winning Funding Platform for education

Once completed, the two sites were promoted through email which focused on the opportunity to easily find funding opportunities for technology related initiatives. Since launching, both platforms have seen impressive levels of engagement and our work has been recognized with two prestigious awards.

Consulting can now be delivered online. Grant alignments once customized and done by “hand,” can be done online. For the cost of one month funding consulting, I can now bring on 25 users a year – 24/7 – of funding alignments plus more!

Paula has commended us for our outstanding work, our attention to detail, and our engagement with her original project brief.

Website end-users consistently provide outstanding feedback about the websites, both in terms of finding funding and the overall user-experience which saves hours of time and makes it much more feasible to apply for funding for educational initiatives.

“The time tested and proven approach of the founder’s nearly five decades of funding wisdom on demand is captured for subscribers in this unique tool”

From $54,000/year for consulting to $10,000/year for full Funding Platform Access!


TechLink Solutions is more than a professional website development firm. We’re a team of highly- skilled, forward- thinking technology enthusiasts who create web solutions beyond the capabilities of other companies. Our goal is to become a trusted, long-term partner for your business to navigate continually changing technologies to ensure you’re always ahead of the competition.

Our teams build the solutions that take your business to the next level today, and we’ll be here when you’re ready to go further!

Other Client Testimonials – Dr. Paula Love

I wanted to thank you for your fantastic help. You do a remarkable job of being able to do everything, from strategizing, to working with others, to navigating difficult turns. Quite spectacular!!

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I just finished listening to your webinar on school safety and I want to commend you for an excellent presentation. You offered a lot of information that was extremely helpful.

Angel FundLuAnn Maciulla McNabb, President

I just used your wonderful data at a meeting I just finished with University of Central Florida staff. It was a hit!!


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