Iowa Chaos – It Won’t Happen With Us

Iowa caucus choas - not with our apps

You and your team have decided to move forward with a new software application. The hard part is done, right? No, the hardest part is yet to come. You have the idea, you have identified the business requirements and you know what you want it to be when it is finished. But, what will it cost? Who will you choose to make this idea come true? Where do you even begin to start your evaluation of suitable software vendors?

You’ve probably seen that the Iowa caucus had a MAJOR malfunction with their application this week. They called it a “coding error”. How can something like this happen in a major event? Well, I am here to tell you this is not an isolated incident.

By no means do I think you should shop around for months or years looking for the right vendor to build your software. We are not talking about finding someone to marry. We are speaking about finding an organization you trust that will do the job you want, within the timeline you are looking for, within the budget that you defined. Start by preparing an evaluation list that enables you compare one vendor against the next and finalize a minimum of 3 vendors. Interview them and select the winner. There will be a contract to finalize things (if there’s not, it’s a red flag). Put on your negotiator’s hat and make sure  a substantial portion of the price is only payable when the work has been fully completed to your satisfaction.

What should everyone learn from this “code failure” this week? Choosing a company with a horrible track record is not in your best choice. Going with the cheapest bid is not smart. Remember, just because they have the best logo and the best marketing, and an amazing website does not make them the best for you. Go with your gut! Ask them how many of their employees are full time. Ask for references!

How much should it cost you? I like to explain to my prospects and customers that you should consider this simple thing when the budget conversation comes up in the sales conversation. Would you shop for a car or home with out a budget? No, probably not. Budget is important! The same principle needs to be applied with custom software. Please don’t think you need to spend more than you can afford on any project. If you’re a business owner, you know what you are willing to invest to improve your company. If you work for a larger company, you probably have a budget to work within. Spend it wisely.

Custom software of any kind is priced with certain criteria in mind. 1. Features: how many features do you want in your application or software 2. Time: How long does it take to build? Is this project easily done in a few weeks or will this take months? 3. People: How many developers, project managers, QA specialists, and implementation representatives need to be involved with your project. All these items go into getting an accurate quote to YOU the client.

At TechLink Solutions we pride ourselves in hiring top coders and developers here in the US. We are a national company with four office locations, located in secondary markets with lower housing prices for our valued team members.   This enables us to keep our costs lower and consistently offer competitive prices.  We only hire American contractors that are educated and professional with years of experience.  We are here along the way to answer questions, via email and phone. Most of all we strive to come in at or under budget and in the timeline you want. However, there won’t be a front-page article about your launch that went horribly wrong when you use us. We might not be the biggest firm, we will probably not be the least expensive firm, but we are the firm that cares. Local enough to feel like you matter and large enough to make a difference.

If you want to speak about your project and how TechLink Solutions can help. Please email me!