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TicketFlowLab.com is a modern online quality management system focused on quality assurance. Users can submit tickets (work requests) all in one centralized location that move through various statuses until the ticket request has been completed. TicketFlow eliminates the need for slow paper based processes and individually maintained logs by leveraging streamlined digital workflow process automation. Ticket field data can be populated and managed from editable lists where you can update your departments, customers, items and more. Below are some reason why you might choose TicketFlow.

Cost Effective

Affordable pricing and unlimited user accounts make it the smart choice for teams of all sizes.


Tailored to meet the unique business requirements of your team and industry.


Streamline your process with workflow automation and centralized ticket tracking.

Cloud Based

Modern web software – securely available from any smart device – no special hardware required.

TicketFlow Foundation Features

With TicketFlow we’ve got the basic features covered with the flexibility to tailor and extend features to meet the unique business requirements of your team and industry.

Digital Ticket Forms – Go Paperless!

Easily request customized ticket forms with unique fields, workflow logic and data validation to ensure that data collected is complete and secure. Ticket forms can be used for almost any process to record data, measurements, comments, photos, documents, etc. directly into the ticket form. Printing is optionally available.

Centralized Data Dashboard

TicketFlow provides an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard interface to keep track of all of your various ticket types and their statuses. Quickly create new tickets or modify existing ones all from the centralized dashboard.

Dashboard Data Filters

Dashboard column data filters and predefined data views help users view the data that’s relevant to them. A different view of the data will be relevant whether you’re a manager or a technician. Quickly filter data column headers and or search keywords with instant results.

Workflow Logic & Process Automation

Tickets move through various workflow status during a given process. For example Tickets may start as a draft or open then move into Assigned, More Information, In Progress, Closed (Completed) or Canceled statutes. Each status can have workflow logic that send participates email notifications or change a priority level based on another data fields value.

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited users accounts means everyone can participate without costly per user license fees other platforms use. TicketFlow has built-in user account creation and management that doesn’t require Active Directory authentication. Although Active Directory user authentication is available if preferred for private on premise server installations.

Permission Roles

Unique permission roles for general users, operators, technicians, managers and administrators ensure users can only see and take action on what they should have access to. Permission roles can be configured during setup to meet your business requirements.

Reporting & Data Exporting

Dashboard and spreadsheet reports are a breeze to generate and export. Tickets per department, estimated hours, hours and tickets per user, equipment utilization, open tickets and other reports can be viewed and exported at the click of a button. Additional reports can be created based on your needs and requirements.

Custom List Data Management

Ticket forms can be pre-populated with drop down data fields from data lists you manage. Some data lists examples would be your customers, parts, departments, lab types, operators, suppliers lists. We make these list available for you to populate and manage. We can bulk import your data via spreadsheet during setup or pull the data in from external systems with some additional development time.

Lets Get Started!

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