How TechLink SEO and PPC Can Jumpstart Your Business

So you have a website but nobody knows you exist.  That’s too bad.  And there could be many reasons for this. But in most cases Google just can’t see you and that’s not a good thing. Because if Google doesn’t see you then most likely no one sees you. Except for that person you texted your domain to check out your website. And even if they do click to check it out who are they going to tell? How would you know? And more importantly, why are you just using word-of-mouth to advertise your company’s brand? The answer to bring you the traffic and leads you deserve can be easily solved with the expertise of TechLink Solutions SEO and PPC Team.

There is a method to our madness. Whether you just need to bring in more locals to purchase a product or service or go all-out and let the whole country know who you are. The choice is yours and we have the power to make it happen. Our team will not only optimize your existing site or build you a new one from scratch but we will also provide you with a 20 page detailed report letting you know every line item that’s keeping your company from ranking on page 1 of a Google search.

The king of content is always changing up the game and with TechLink Solutions as your wingman you’ll be on top of yours. We absolutely bleed this stuff! From the initial online presence analysis that looks under the hood to the advanced marketing techniques that analyze your competition to see what makes them tick, we have an arsenal of tools to get the job done.   Once we run a report it spits back a score that determines where your website stands and how much work needs to be done to get it properly optimized. I can’t tell you how many websites don’t contain the one thing that could put them over the top. But of course, that’s part of what makes TechLink so awesome – the trade secrets and methodologies to turn profitable margins into million dollar companies. And we’ve actually done this so we know our tools work. But it’s so much more than just optimization to bring the masses to your doorstep. It’s a combination of SEO, SMM and PPC. What’s PPC? Read on.

So you’ve got your site optimized and ready for the big league. Optimization is essential but it’s just scratching the surface of this steaming volcano. If you want to erupt the market in your space you need to Pay Per Click. This is where advertisers pay a fee every time one of their ads get clicked. So basically, you’re buying visits to your site. Hit them with everything! The optimization, the pay per click ads (along with other secrets that you’ll want us to implement), and of course Social Media Marketing.  You see, it’s not just about creating a Facebook or LinkedIn page and posting content. It’s about what you are posting, whether it’s content or ads, when you’re doing it and how you’re analyzing the insights to bring you the most Likes and Shares. We can help your business with this too. Then at the end of each month we schedule a call to discuss the numbers and see how well your marketing campaign is doing. We’re not talking about dull reports either. These bad boys are some very nice PDFs that anyone would be proud to show their boss or board members.

So that’s the skinny on what we can do for your business. Now if you just want to keep your existing site and hope that someone sees it you can certainly do that. (#boring) BUT…if you want to take your company to the next level and bring in loads of traffic to potentially generate more leads and profits then fill out this nifty form and request a callback.  Seriously, you won’t reget it!